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I was way, way out of my comfort zone as a 21-year-old teacher. The challenge of getting edgy teens to study advanced Math and Biology stressed me out. I felt inadequate and often wanted to quit. Somehow I stuck it out and developed greater resilience.

I then steered hundreds of students through their fraught teenage years.

Looking back, that trial by fire forced me to draw on hidden strengths. If I had thrown in the job, I would never have learned that:

I could master my fears

I could persist in difficult situations

I could change the way I thought about myself

I could improve wellbeing by learning mindfulness.

Those lessons were hard. But they led me to discover what became my passion: helping others to live a more meaningful life.

Later, after studying a Masters of Clinical Psychology, I began a counselling career. I soon realised almost everyone is struggling. Most people are frantically juggling work and/or study, as well as family responsibilities.

Who has the time to look after themselves? And this thing about flourishing in life? Who does that?

That’s where I would love to help you to:

rethink old habits that aren’t working any more

discover what is meaningful to you

master the skills of physical and emotional resilience

regain your zest for life.

After all, who wants to just survive? Surely there’s more than dragging yourself through life like a zombie, trying to please everyone?

Yes, there is – if you are willing to try thinking and acting differently. Bit by bit. Step by step.

It’s not easy. And it takes time. But it’s worth it.

Worth it so you can live in harmony with your values and goals. Not someone else’s – yours.

Worth it so you can feel more authentic, within yourself and with others.

And worth it so you can improve wellbeing.

I love defining what is most effective in helping people change their lives. I am fascinated in everything from physical and emotional well-being, to mental focus and creative problem solving. My science and counselling degrees allow me to discover the latest research in these areas.

I want to help you make significant changes in your life.

Are you ready to start?

P.S. Browse this list of interesting books I’ve used as resources when compiling articles on this blog.

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