Gain insight

Monkey peering at its own reflection in a hand mirror

Act on warning signs of hypocrisy

“Do what I say, not what I do.” How many times have you heard that said in jest? This saying describes a double standard. It’s a sign of hypocrisy and insincerity.   Hypocrisy implies it’s OK...

Face of ashamed woman looking down

Values: How useful is your conscience?

We’ve all been taught to take note of what our conscience tells us. But there’s a catch. Although you may have a strong belief you think is “right,” your conscience can sometimes lead you astray....

Boy with face painted black and white looking menacingly at camera

You don’t want to be that person

These days we’re living and working closer together than ever. Therefore we all need to make an effort to get along. So don’t be that person who’s inconsiderate to others. On the other hand, be...

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