Create meaning

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Do you know how to create meaning in your life? If you could do anything, how would you most want to spend your time?

What’s most important to you?

What activities give you the greatest sense of meaning and purpose? Do you experience greater flow and focus when helping others, being creative, reading, playing an instrument, learning, discovering, building and/or inventing?

Foster inner reflection and self-awareness to identify what matters to you. Seek out and master enriching activities that are personally significant. Develop your own vision of living a life of meaning and purpose.

What values and positive qualities will help you create meaning in life?

Work out whether you’re going to spend your life in pursuit of fleeting happiness. Or are you going to focus on contentment, satisfaction and fulfilment?

Learn how to create meaning in your life.

There’s no rule book to life

Each of you has to create your own version of meaning and purpose in your life. But it’s not something that just happens.

It takes perseverance to find activities or ways of being that develop meaning. Spend time reflecting on what you believe in, and reading to gain new insights.

Rise to the challenge

What ideas or activities, big or small, would you fight for if your way of life was threatened?

Look at what others you admire have done with their lives. Is there some way you can adapt what they’ve done, perhaps in a smaller way?

Part of creating meaning means letting go of the idea that life will always be smooth sailing. Being creative or pursuing meaningful activities may sometimes be frustrating or discouraging. Things don’t always go the way you think they will.

But if you want a life filled with more than trivia, you’ll be determined to rise to these challenges.

Imagine doctors working in a busy hospital, especially in these fraught times. They certainly wouldn’t be often feel happy or peaceful. But the meaning and purpose they see in life is fed by their dedication and belief in helping others. And we can all find that sense of meaning, no matter how modest.

Make a difference

Of course, most people don’t want that level of responsibility or distress in their lives. And you don’t have to make grand gestures to create meaning in life. See how you can find smaller ways to create meaning and make a difference to yourself or others.

Listen to a child reading, grow vegetables, plant trees and shrubs to attract birds and wildlife, decorate your room to reflect your personality, be a good friend, take in a shelter animal – all of these can create meaning.

Develop your own vision of what a life of meaning and purpose means, with this article to get you started.

Create meaning on the way to greater fulfillment in life.

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