Smiley yellow faces showing positive emotions

Did you know you can feel both positive and negative emotions at the same time?

For instance, you may feel sad a loved friend has died, but glad for everything they taught you about life.

Discover more about your inner emotional world.

Learn to:

notice triggers that tip you into strong emotions
acknowledge and work out the different emotions you’re feeling
notice how strong they are moment by moment
use mindfulness and calming exercises to distance yourself from distress.

By developing more emotional health you’ll:

make relationships with others stronger
improve your ability to see others’ point of view
adapt your emotional responses to different situations
accept negative emotions without them high-jacking your life.

Emotional exhaustion can stop you doing what you want. Soothe negative emotions so they don’t derail your purpose. Practise building positive emotions like gratitude and compassion.

Seek lasting contentment and fulfillment rather than chasing fleeting happiness.

Start laying the basis for emotional health now, and then move on to gain insight into how you fit in the world around you. 

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