Battered closed doors waiting to be opened up

Open up to new ways of thinking. Change your mindset and learn to manage thoughts that upset or discourage you.

As children we believe everyone thinks the same way we do. It’s only later that we realise others have different opinions and beliefs.

But even adults find it hard to see things from a different perspective.

Unhelpful thinking styles

We can all become trapped in unhelpful ways of thinking. Stress, anger, fear or pain trigger troubling thoughts that engulf our minds. Our focus narrows as we fixate on our inner torment to the exclusion of the world around us.

So we become enmeshed in ways of thinking that aren’t always helpful.

Ever shunned someone you thought had wronged you, and then found out they were totally innocent?

Did you ever misinterpret conversations that you heard as a child? Do you believe negative things others have said about you?

We don’t question thoughts

Sometimes we develop rigid expectations that force us down difficult paths. Yet we barely examine why we allow these rules to destroy our enjoyment in life.

Manage thoughts to take your first steps down the path to self-mastery.

Are you unsure of yourself?

Do you procrastinate?

Are you a perfectionist?

Are you regretting the past?

Does worry stop you living in the present?

Learn to manage thoughts that plague you. If you believe you’re incapable of change, or if you fear you can’t cope, you can change your mindset.

Free yourself from beliefs that stop you being the person you want to be.

View yourself and the world around you with fresh eyes.

Open the door to a life of fulfilment and achieve self-mastery.

Manage thoughts and change your mindset. Take a quick look at some interesting books that will help you on your quest.

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