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I love to hear of readers’ first steps towards living a richer life.

I am always excited when you tell me the little changes you are making to achieve greater self-mastery and fulfilment.

However, please be very careful about posting personal information on this site.

For your own safety, only post general information about yourself.

Do not post anything that would lead others to find out your location or circumstances.

If you post personal information about yourself, it is at your own risk.

Please Note:

I cannot answer individual questions or requests for advice or assistance with personal issues.

Any information given is of a general nature. It is not designed to apply to any one person’s circumstances.

Many of you may experience worrying or disturbing events which may cause you distress.

If you need help with a difficult situation I strongly recommend that you speak to someone you trust:

a good friend or family member

your general practitioner

a therapist or counsellor

your spiritual adviser or minister

or contact the local crisis care or emergency centre.

Best wishes to you all, from Achieve Self-Mastery.

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