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Achieve Self-Mastery is all about creating a life of meaning, challenge and fulfilment.

Skier standing on top of a snowy mountain rangeBut no-one does this overnight. We only move towards personal insight and growth gradually. Having the courage to think and act in new ways is part of the process.

If you’re easily thrown off course; if you don’t know what life’s all about; or if you yearn for peace and inner strength – read on.

Below are the main areas of focus on this blog. You’ll also find these headings on the menu bar above. Each of those links leads to a fuller description of the topics covered in each category.

Below, you’ll also find links to all articles in each category, to help your journey to achieve self-mastery.

Manage Thoughts

The Manage Thoughts category helps you unravel tangled and confused thinking that may be holding you back. Be kinder and stop putting yourself down, getting stuck in the past, or expecting too much of yourself.

Learn to let go of distressing thoughts, work out why you procrastinate so much, and discover your skills and positive qualities.

What are you waiting for? Fine-tune your thinking now.

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Emotional Health

Yellow balloon face showing both fear and angerFeeling stressed and edgy? Frustrated and disappointed? Or is life just a drag all round? Don’t let painful emotions derail you from your purpose.

The Emotional Health category will show you how to reset your emotions, and face challenges with greater calm and resolve. To achieve self-mastery, you’ll need to mastery your emotions.

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Gain Insight

What unhelpful stories do you tell about yourself or others? The Gain Insight category will show you how misleading thoughts can sabotage your plans.

Create more positive beliefs to overcome roadblocks, master your environment, and develop the skills and mental stamina to change your life.

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Take Action

Knowing how to change is as important as knowing what to change. The Take Action category helps you set effective goals that match your values, then work out steps to achieve them.

Do you want to be more creative? Or perhaps learn computer skills? It doesn’t matter – the process of change is similar. Limit setbacks, and plan how to deal with difficult situations and people. Identify timewasters that divert your focus from what matters.

No-one else can do this for you. How long will you wait?

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Manage Change

Tiny black-and-white kitten playing with a flowerNow you’ve made a few changes, keep it going. Manage Change and achieve self-mastery with small, consistent changes over time. Defeat obstacles that hinder progress, and find solutions instead of getting upset.

Once you achieve one small goal, you can start a life-long stream of small changes.

You choose! Enhance your life by taking small risks, or retreat into mind-numbing distractions.

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Create Meaning

Little boy sorting out electronic components on the groundWhat’s the difference between happiness, fulfilment and contentment? And where do meaning, purpose and following your passion fit in?

The Create Meaning category will help you discover your definition of a life worth living. Clarify the values you stand for, and bring them into your life. Learn how emotional intelligence, forgiveness and compassion benefit us all.

Start your first steps along the path to achieve self-mastery.

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Transcend distress and confusion, and enhance well-being with every action.

Transform your life by integrating your newfound wisdom and inner calm with your previous life experiences. Convert difficulties into challenges, and stretch your ability to learn and change. Make hard decisions with confidence, and recover quickly from setbacks. Flourish by encouraging flow and creativity, connecting to others, and being grateful.

You no longer need to prove yourself. Pursue your vision and achieve self-mastery.

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