Family of lions resting in the grass

Tips for better family visits

Family visits can be a hassle when you’re really busy. Add the tension caused by difficult personalities, and it can be a recipe for disaster. Strategic planning, assertiveness and a healthy dose of mindfulness can...

Otter peeking out in fear from behind a rock

Is worry ruining your life?

Are you a worrier? Do others say that you worry too much? Maybe you think they’re wrong: that they’re oblivious to looming problems. Whatever you believe, worry can affect your happiness. Ask yourself honestly: is...

Woman sitting in cafe peering over the top of a book

Practise mindfulness in social situations

So you’ve been learning easy mindfulness skills for some time, and have practised a little each day. Now you want to extend your skills to practise mindfulness in social situations. Learn how mindfulness can help...

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