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Do you have a clear vision of where you’re headed in life? Take action so you’re not swept up by life’s twists and turns.

Take your first steps to self-mastery

We often resist planning ahead before we take action to change our lives. Plunging into furious activity may make you feel virtuous, but sadly it can be wasted effort. Not knowing where you’re headed means you get stuck down dead-ends. Distractions and crises divert your focus.

And finally, you just run out of puff. Discouraged, you decide it’s all too hard and call it quits.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there. Even people who change one aspect of life flounder in another.

The good news is: a bit of planning goes a long way to ensuring success.

Get a quick overview of other topics on this blog that will help change your life for the better.

Take action – but follow a plan

Following a plan means you’ll limit setbacks and stay on track. True mastery builds on small, targeted steps taken consistently over a long time.

Anyone can build mastery if they work at it. And learning how to set realistic and specific goals will help.

The articles in this category highlight tips to help you take effective action. We’ll follow ordinary people as they realise their lives are heading in the wrong direction.

For example, Brian needs to kick-start a health regime after learning he’s a candidate for heart disease. Kate wants to stop snapping at her partner and kids, and Marie wants to learn to be more assertive.

Their stories will show you how to identify:

how to be mindful about choices you’re making

how to use time more efficiently

the series of steps needed to reach your goal

factors that will affect your progress

how to plan for the difficult times.

But a plan without action is only half a plan. You’ll also learn the truth about motivation, how to measure change, and how to persist when progress has stalled.

Give yourself the best chance to achieve self-mastery. Take action now to make effective changes in your life.

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