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Transform and transcend

Everything you’ve done so far has been leading to this point.

Your willingness to do the hard work means you’re ready to transform your life.

So far you’ve practised skills in the other areas listed on the top menu:

Overcoming distorted thoughts so you see the world, yourself and others realistically.

Allowing unpleasant emotions to be there without adding unnecessary fear or sadness.

Gaining greater insight into how you, others and the world function.

Taking effective action to change your life for the better.

Developing the skills to keep the process of change going as long as you live.

Focussing on aspects of life that are most important and meaningful to you.

All of these have helped you develop greater self-mastery.

Going beyond

Now go beyond what you’ve achieved already, to transform your life by:

Using mindfulness to transcend the pettiness of everyday life.

Seeing the world as it is, but also with deep gratitude for what it offers.

Letting go of demands that life or other people conform to your wishes.

Choosing to see what you can do, rather than what you can’t.

Growing in compassion for others as well as yourself.

Knowing you have the right to be safe, healthy and to flourish.

Having the serenity and confidence to trust you can grow, even in adversity.

Allowing yourself to develop and achieve without false modesty or fear.

And choosing to think, feel and act in ways that are most affirming for yourself and others.

Choose to persist

Even when everything falls to pieces again, you can choose to keep going.

Take the long view and know you’ll grow even stronger with each step. Know you’ll recover meaning and purpose in life, even after setbacks and pain.

Transform and trust in yourself

Know one door may close but another will open. Shed timidity, and tolerate your fears. You can do what you need to do.

Live with intention and challenge yourself to reach your potential. Create the best version of yourself while helping others to do the same.

Transform and transcend self-imposed limits of mind and emotions.

Achieve self-mastery to create a life of challenge, meaning and fulfilment.

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